And we’re back…

So its been a while, but we’ve started work again on Soovle.  The first things we’ve tackled:

  1. Updated the site’s infrastructure.
    • Now entirely run directly on AWS services.
    • NodeJS for the win (out with PHP)
  2. SSL secured.
    • All feeds are now SSL too.
  3. Speed, speed, speed.
    • Loading of assets and data, is now split across a couple of domains.

Next up.

  1. There have been a large number of requests for a shopping specific view.
  2. Internationalization… We’ll start to see what engines make sense outside of the US bubble.  If you have a locale that has a rich set you’d like to see incorporated.  Please, leave a note!
  3. Speed.
  4. Utilities.

We hope you’ll continue to use the site, and let us know what would make you come back more often.