Did you know #1 – Rotating Engines

This is the beginning of a new series of blog entries that will help explain how to use some of the little-known features of Soovle.com.

The first we’ll cover is a simple one.  Rotating the engines!  Folks don’t realize, but we put a lot of work into making the interface fun to play with.  The first of these – is the ability to change the “focused” engine.

To do so – hit the right-arrow key, while your cursor is in the input box.  You’ll see the engines rotate like this:

recording (3).gif

When you do this, the “focus” engine will also be the one that will receive the search query.  So when you press the “soovle” button, or press enter.  You’ll go to your focus engine.

That’s it!  This one is just plain fun.  Try out the “demo” link on the upper right, to have it go nuts all on its own.